Frank 68, Retired, England

I came to Solice for Alcohol and crack addiction. I was in a really bad state, my heart stopped on my third day of detox but the staff saved my life by getting my heart going again. I stayed two months in Solice, in that time I came to understand that my addictions stem from a living problem which now I have under control. They also helped me with multiple physical disabilities by extensive physical training.

Linda 58, Retired, England

I struggled with Alcohol abuse more or less my whole life. Solice helped my greatly with my Alcohol problem and overcoming my childhood traumas with had led into a life of broken patterns.

Anonymous 38, Psychologist, Iceland

This was my third time going to rehab, I had been twice before in Iceland which left me sober for some years but I returned to using. In Solice I got help with much more than my addiction: I got the right treatment for my mental problems; help with my childhood traumas which had caused me living problems as an adult; training in the gym and in healthy living. My self esteem increased drastically in the three months I stayed in Solice.

Marcus 36, Engineer, Sweden

This was my third time going to rehab, I had been twice before in Iceland which left me sober for some years but I returned to using. In Solice I got help with much more than my addiction: I got the right This was first time seeking help for my drug dependency (amphetamine and cocaine) and it was a totally different experience than I expected. The staff at Solice got me to understand my root of addiction and get rid of it. I leave this place now a totally new person.

Anonymous 58, Musician/Businessman

After going to several expensive rehabs with little or no results I finally found the right one. Not only did we find the root of my drinking but also which traumas had caused it, this was life changing for me.

Lovisa 41, Nurse, Iceland 

I lost control of my life after a bitter divorce and having been cheated on. I drank and abused pharmaceuticals. As a result, I lost my job, my kids and even my home.

I just happened to meet Grétar when he stopped and offered me a lift in a snowstorm. But as I had nowhere to go – he and his girlfriend took me into their home until he found me a place to live in a local halfway house.

He was my sponsor for years and because of his timely intervention, I have managed to get most of those things that I’d lost back again. Most importantly of all, that control. I now have a very simple life and enjoy the simple things in my sobriety.  

Jonas 43, Business Owner, Sweden

At the age of 35, I was in a bad situation with my drinking and using almost on a daily basis. My business was doing okay but I was not. I was sent by my then fiancée to meet up with Grétar at an AA conference in Malmo. And like everybody that meets him will know and understands, he strives forward and pushes you into immediate action. I remember him saying that there is no time quite like the present – so he had me working on myself that same night.

The greatest gift he could give me was his time and as a result I never gave up upon myself. I can whole heartedly recommend his method of getting back on track.

Petrea 36, Teacher, Sweden

My drinking was completely out of control and I was very close to losing my job.
I got help from Grétar in the form of the 12 steps and I have now been sober for 11 years.

David 67, Doctor, Iceland

I drank a lot my whole life until one day I found that I could not stop without self-medicating. This got out of control very fast. Grétar and his methods were recommended to me by a co-worker who had heard about him through a family friend. To make a long story short, he taught me to understand that there is more to life than meets the eye. I have been sober now for 12 years.

Steven 62, Salesman, England

I was hooked on alcohol and coke for the better part of 25 years. When I was pointed in Grétar’s direction, my life was completely unmanageable. He took me on and spent a great deal of time on me. We still talk at least once a month and that’s some seven years later now. I feel that he literally saved my life.

Bjarni 30, Engineer, Iceland

My father contacted Grétar because I was completely out of control in my drug abuse. I had dropped out of school and was stuck in a downward spiral using every day. I was in a drug den when this massive man came walking in and without saying a word, picked me up and put me over his shoulder and walked out. 

We went to a house where he had few of us living together and there, we worked on the 12 steps and dove deep into all of our issues. I have been sober now for eight years and have just recently graduated as a mechanical engineer.

Hjálmar 38, Manager, Iceland

I was trapped in my own web of lies and dishonesty. I abused all of the people that were closest to me. My life and the turmoil of my situation was weighing me down, I started to fall in to a severe depression. My abuse of drugs and alcohol was of course not helping. Meeting Grétar helped me to understand that my primary problem was in fact one of co-dependency, so we worked on that and where that stemmed from. Without him and his timely intervention, I have now idea about where or who I would be today. I’m not only sober and happy now, but I’m also finally free from my old ways and that constant worrying.

Anna 40, Artist, England

Nobody would have guessed that I had a problem with drink. I just used to go out a lot and I was part of the scene. After a few years, I felt that my drinking was getting out of control and instead of dealing with it, I hid away and started drinking alone at home. I met with the Solice team a year ago and my life is now totally different. I’m still in contact with them and check in at least once a week.

Anonymous 28, Architectural Student, Norway

My problems were multi-layered: alcohol, drugs, dishonesty, stealing, self-harm and severe suicidal thoughts. Which led me to have two attempts at taking my life. I felt like my everyday life had become a living hell. I was molested as a child and as a result I never felt worthy or normal. I was with my parents in Iceland trying to stay sober and sane when I heard Grétar share and his story in an AA meeting. I knew there and then that I needed to get in contact with him. He took me in and we worked on all the things I had been unable to open up about before. I’m not going to tell anybody that it was easy, but I did it. Now I’m in college studying and I am happy just to be me again.

Kjartan 42, Salesman, Iceland

I got myself to the point where nobody wanted to have anything to do with me. Drugs and crime were my life and for the longest time I thought I would never get myself out of it. Many people had given up on me and for a good reason. I had gone to rehab 10-15 times and every time I went straight back to my former life. What Grétar got me to understand and change, was that my issues were on a deeper level than I had ever realised. It was a difficult time for me, but I am still going strong after 13 years of sobriety.

Marteinn 69, Retired, Iceland

I ran my own company my whole life and it involved a lot of stress. At a fairly young age I started taking the edge off with a drink here and there. For years it worked out fine – until it became daily and earlier and earlier in the day, everyday. My life had become an absolute nightmare. I ended up in a closed hospital ward. Luckily for me Grétar came and held meetings at this institution once a week, for the whole time I was in their care. When I was able to leave the ward, I called him, and we started working on my issues straightaway.

I met up with him once a week for months until one day he told me I was ready to go and do the same as what he had so kindly done for me. I’ve been sober now for 8 years and now help others to help themselves.

Axel 37, Personal Trainer, Iceland

I started drinking at a very young age and taking drugs soon followed. I ended up a daily user and got caught smuggling drugs. This resulted in me getting a two-year jail sentence, and all of this by the age of 28. I had always been a troublemaker which was frustrating as everyone else I knew seemed to be able to grow out of it. I was completely out of control, until one day while I was locked up, I met Grétar. He came into the prison on a visit to talk to a large group of us. I knew instantly that he had been in my shoes and this is what gave me the courage that day to talk to him. For months he came and would visit me each week and helped me get better. Together we worked out why I couldn’t evolve out of my previous destructive behavioural pattern. He helped me finally ‘to face it and fix it’ – a saying many who know him will relate too.

Emil 39, Business Owner, Iceland 

I had been sober for six years and had thought I didn’t need to be as active with the programme anymore. I could not have been more wrong, as I started drinking again and managed to lose all control in just a few weeks. So, I got in to contact with Solice in January 2020 and travelled to Spain to spend a month with them. Luckily for me, I ended up staying almost three months because of the Covid-19 lockdown. We worked on all of my underlying issues as well as my physical state. I now am back and feeling really good being sober again.