Solice – Your Gateway to a new life

Solice is a sober environment for recovering alcoholics and those addicted to drugs. Residents will be surrounded by people who have had similar experiences, both guests and hosts alike. Our 12-step recovery programme is a design for living, practised by everyone at Solice and is at the centre of everything we do…

About Solice

The name Solice combines the Spanish word for sun ‘Sol’ and ‘ice’, due to Grétar’s Icelandic heritage. We believe Spain provides the perfect location to recover and build new memories associated with sobriety.

Solice provides a sober environment for its guests to continue early-stage recovery and prepare for the next positive steps toward a cleaner and better life. All guests are expected to participate in our full and rigorous daily program.

They will be introduced to the 12 steps of the recovery program, attend meetings and have the opportunity to discuss their journey with knowledgeable practitioners. The rehabilitation includes group therapies and comprehensive relapse prevention, plus much more.

What sets Solice apart from the rest is our exceptional approach. Through our insistence on 100% honesty, we help clients process what they have been through and question their previous lifestyle and ways of thinking, which we all at Solice have been through ourselves.

The critical basis of each and every therapy is trust. Through the 12-step system, recovering residents will learn how to rebuild their lives, as well as form new memories through their sobriety.

With Gretar’s own exceptional story and his consistent focus on mind, body and spirit, we are able to offer a special emphasis on enabling recovering addicts to handle their own unique situations. Whether that be in regard to just friends and family, or even society as a whole. We aim to give everyone the necessary skills that they will need to face up to and maintain their sobriety upon their departure from the program. Our success can be both attributed to and gauged by Solice’s ability to help residents fit in, reconnect and re-establish themselves in society.